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We Are DLT

Master-tiered Renewable Golf Equipments

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About DLT

Our Mission

In an all-electric era, DLT's sole mission is bringing excellent and reliable golf equipments alone side with extraordinary customer service to our clients.

Greens Mower

At DLT, we are committed to delivering exceptional golf equipment that enhances your game. Our dedication to quality and innovation sets us apart from the competition. Discover the key features that make our products stand out.

Floating Cutting Unit

Detachable Cutting Unit

Lithium Battery Powered


Down to 1.6mm HOC

On-board Back Lap

Ultra Bright Light



Unbeatable Quality


Floating Cutting Unit

Flexible in both horizontal and vertical directions. Ensure optimal contact with the greens for height consistency.


Lithium Battery Powered 

Mow up to 3000m^2 in one charge, no range anxiety. 


On Board Backlap

Without an extra need to purchase grinding machine. Sharpen the reel and bed knife with 1 button.


Detachable Cutting Unit

Motor quick release and detachable design for ease of maintenance.


1.6mm HOC

Structural design that enables the 1.6mm heigh of cut, providing 


Ultra Bright Beam

50W LED to light up the day, no limitations on working hours.

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